The Dustin Poché Memorial Tuition Fund

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

A globally recognized sculptor and life-long friend of Limestone founder Annie Gnojek, Dustin played a pivotal role in the early dreaming and planning phases of opening Limestone Community School. Knowing his illness would prevent him from being present for all of our milestones, Dustin wanted to find a way to ensure he could continue to support our vision. By donating his estate to the Limestone Community School endowment, Dustin will help ensure that Limestone is an equitable option for all families. Dustin saw this gift as an opportunity to help others continue on their own journeys in his tradition – to recognize the beauty of the world and of this life (in its whole emotional range), to channel it through themselves, and to reflect it back out onto their community. He wanted everyone to live their own “what if?”

By donating to our endowment in Dustin’s name, you will not only be helping his dream come true, but the dreams of countless students who will be able to attend Limestone Community School. To learn more about Dustin, we welcome you to visit his NIADA In Memoriam page.


Limestone Community School is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization based in Lawrence, KS.

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