WE ARE Limestone Community School

An inspiring elementary school for students to immerse themselves in an imaginative and meaningful curriculum.
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Two ways to support Limestone students

Help our students realize their plan
for more equitable housing in Lawrence.

Provide scholarship support to help as many
students as possible attend Limestone.


About Limestone

Limestone Community School opened its doors in Lawrence, Kansas in the fall of 2022 to provide our community with a reimagined school experience that honors childrens’ innate love of learning. Founded by a veteran educator with a passion for project-based learning and a music educator and professional musician, Limestone is a response to the need for an alternative school option. Our educators build curriculum through intentional partnership with professionals of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds to ensure the authentic view of the global majority. Limestone is a place that attracts the most passionate and innovative educators and provides an inspiring setting for students to immerse themselves in an imaginative and meaningful curriculum.

Limestone strives to provide an inspiring setting for students to immerse themselves in an imaginative and meaningful curriculum. From the beginning, we have prided ourselves on being open and transparent on our curriculum, policies, and procedures. If any current or prospective parent or community member has any questions or concerns regarding any of the policies we have put in place, we encourage those individuals to reach out to school officials.

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What is Project Based Learning?

Project-based learning (sometimes called problem-based learning) is the process of students exploring an open-ended question or problem. The question/problem is authentic to students lives or interests which makes it highly engaging. Students research through reading, conducting interviews, and investigating. They then brainstorm answers or solutions to the driving question. Prototypes are made and tested, ideas vetted by experts in the field, and things are reworked as needed. Final findings are presented by students to an authentic audience and meaningful feedback is gathered.

Limestone Community School does not have a religious affiliation. United by a common vision — reimagining elementary education for our community — our supporters, volunteers, staff, children and their families span many beliefs and backgrounds.


Limestone Community School is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization based in Lawrence, KS.

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